For a rundown of the factors involved in FBO ownership, you should first familiarize yourself with the FSEconomy Manual. However, the aim of this page is to delve further into the topic and get into the nitty-gritty of what it actually costs to own an FBO of a given size, and what you can expect to get out of that FBO as a return on your investment. So lets get started:

FBO Costs By Cost Type Edit

Building From Scratch Edit

If on the airport page, the airport shows the fol text, "There is [1,2,3] lot(s) remaining for FBO construction at this airport.", then you have the ability to build of a brand new FBO at this airport. Congrats on finding this location. You can now get started.

In order to build up your FBO, you will need some items to get started.

What What Is It System Cost Per Kg Qty Required Per Lot
Building Materials The hardware that your structures are built with. $3.85 10,000 Kg
Supplies The ongoing expendable materials that keep your FBO open. $6.50 At least 10kg of supplies is required for the initial build. Good practice says start with at least a month of supplies.

It is importaint to note that you are not able to purchase Building Materials and Supplies at every airport. This is one of the many factors that effects the market value of an FBO. Very likely, if you are building an FBO from scratch, you will need to locate these near by and fly them in, before you can build your FBO.

So, to extend this out to the cost of building each of the three sizes of FBO. Note that these costs assume all lots are being built by the same person at the same time. So 1 lot is the only lot at that airport. 2 Lot is both lots on a medium sized airport. Furthermore, this assumes that you have to transport the goods 50nm, and your cost to do so is $1/kg transported (had to pick some cost, and that isn't unreasonable):

FBO Size BM Required BM Cost Supplies Required (1 Month) Supplies Cost (1 Month) Cost to Transport Materials to Site (50nm, $1/kg to transport) Total Cost
1 Lot 10,000kg $38,500 300kg $1,950 $10,300 $50,750
2 Lot 20,000kg $77,000 1,200kg $7,800 $21,200 $106,000
3 Lot 30,000kg $115,500 2,700kg $17,550 $0* $133,050

*Shown as $0 here because all 3 lot FBOs have on site BMs and Supplies.

This are just rough guidelines, and as with everything in FSE, you mileage may vary.

Purchasing on the 'Purchase FBO' Page Edit

Another way of coming into FBO ownership, and the most common for new players, is to purchase one that is already built from its current owner. You can do so by on the Purchase FBO page.

FBO Improvements Edit

Congrats. Now you own an FBO. What does it do? Well... if you just built it up from scratch, unfortunately the answer is very little yet. Before it will begin generating assignments, you will need to build a Passenger Terminal. And if you want to be able to upgrade or repair aircraft at your new FBO, you will also need to build a Repair Shop. Each upgrade requires 2,000kg of building materials regardless of size of airport or FBO. You may choose to fly these extra building materials in when you do the initial build.

Improvement BM Cost Cost to Transport Materials to Site (50nm, $1/kg to transport) Total Upgrade Cost
Pax Terminal $7,700 $2,000 $9,700
Repair Shop $7,700 $2,000 $9,700

Ongoing Costs Edit

Congrats. Now you own an FBO. What is it going to cost you to keep it alive and well? Note that these costs assume all lots are filling the airport on which that stand. IE 1 lot FBO on 1 lot airport, 2 lot FBO on 2 lot airport, 3 lot FBO on 3 lot airport. This table does not include the cost to transport supplies to the FBO. These costs may be defrayed by flying supplies with other paying jobs. Furthermore, for the 2 and 3 lot FBOs, the airport in question may have on site supplies.

FBO Size Supply Cost Per Month Supply Cost Per Quarter Supply Cost Per Year
1 Lot $1,950 $5,850 $23,400
2 Lot $7,800 $23,400 $93,600
3 Lot $17,550 $52,650 $210,600

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