An FBO, or Fixed Based Operator, is a business that resides at a given airport.

An FBO is owed by a player (or group) of the game, and is, and the discretion of the owner, able to

The owner of the FBO is compensated for providing these services to players.

In order to continue operating, FBOs consume supplies, which the owner must purchase, and transport to the FBO (if not available from the system at the given airport).

Striking a balance between the expenses incurred and the profits reaped by FBO owners is all part of the game. It is a great debate if FBOs are profitable. Many would argue that they are not, or that unless you fly the green jobs generated by your own FBO almost daily, an FBO will not pay for itself. However, many people own FBOs not as a profit seeking venture, but as a place to grow roots and call home.

If an FBO is not continually stocked with supplies, it will close when the supplies on site falls below 0kg. If an FBO is closed for 45 days, it will be torn down and where it once stood will be empty lots available for other players to build on. Not, when the balance reached a certain negative kg of supplies, even if you restock the FBO, if it never opens in that 45 days, it will be torn down. You must stock it above 0kg supplies, and the FBO must opened again to reset that 45 day timer.

You can also manually tear down an FBO that you own, and doing so manually will allow you to recoop some of the materials that went into building the FBO. Those may be moved to a different airport and can help to partially build a new FBO at that airport.

It is important to note that players own FBOs, but they do not own airports. Often times if a player owns an FBO that occupies all of the lots at a given airport, they are said to own the airport. This is not true. Other players are free to operate out of that airport, pick up system jobs, own supplies or fuel at the airport, all of which are activities that are wholly independent of the FBO that occupies all lots of the airport. In essence, all airports in FSE are public, without landing fees, and their use and access is completely unrestricted.

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